How to Throw a Kosher Superbowl Party


The first step in throwing an awesome Kosher Superbowl party is asking yourself the very important question:  Meat or Dairy?  Keeping kosher means that we do not mix meat and dairy foods together.  No chicken wings and sour cream dip at our parties!  One or the other.  For me it is an easy answer.  The answer is always CHEESE PLEASE!  My husband requires peanut M&M’s while watching football (M&M’s are dairy).  So we always go all in on the dairy.  Make sure that guests that are bringing food items – know that everything should be dairy or vegetarian.

Having a kosher dairy party is easy when it comes to chips and dips – but it is harder when thinking of the main course.  Many traditional Superbowl parties will have meat chili, chicken wings or other meat as a main dish.  We need to think a bit outside the box.  You could of course order veggie pizza’s – which is an easy solution.  For the kids, I usually make a ton of cheese quesidilla’s in the oven and keep them on the table covered with tin-foil to keep warm.  I find this to be less messy then a ton of saucy pizza slices around my house.  I have also stared boiling a box of pasta for the kids to carb load.

One year we decided it would be fun for the adults to have make your own veggie subs.  We got sub rolls, different kinds of sliced cheese, lettuce, tomato, sauces, grilled mushrooms, caramelized onions, and roasted red peppers for toppings.  People seemed to really like this option – but boy was it a ton of work!  I cut and cooked all the veggies myself.  Last year we decided to bring in falafel from our local falafel store.  This was also a huge hit and much easier on me.  We got a huge tray of falafel, hummus, pitta and israeli salad (cucumber, tomato and onion salad).  I really like this option because it is vegetarian meaning we can still have our cheese and sour cream dip but the chickpeas in the falafel also give some protein that will fill people up.


Food List

Tortilla Chips


Pita Chips


Cheese Slices (we get the variety pack from costco that my kids love)

Cut up veggies

Onion Dip

Mississippi Sin Dip from Gonna Want Seconds (to make it kosher just omit the ham!)

7-layer Dip




Israeli Salad

Cheese Quesadilla’s

Plain pasta

Fruit Salad

Peanut M&M’s

Football Cookie Pizza

Lori’s Perfect Football Snack (Pretzel, hershey kiss, and M&M’s!)


Juice Boxes


We also love to decorate for our big party.  In the past years Costco has carried these awesome football plates with matching napkins.  A couple of years ago I made our Superbowl table cloth.  I bought a piece of turf from Home Depot.  We cut it to fit our table then using white electrical tape we put the lines on our “field”  At the end of the party we shake it off, roll it up and store in our basement for the next year.  This is our third or fourth year using it – and it is holding up really nicely.

Finally, make sure you have lots of garbage cans or bags around the house and empty boxes for garbage and recycling.  Guests are more likely to help clean up if they know where to put things.