The Laundry Dot System

The Laundry Dot System


I have three boys.  Luckily I can pass down clothes from one to the next.  Trying to figure out whose Ninja Turtle shirt belongs to who can be maddening.  Some shirts run small, some bathing suits run big.  Right now my 3 year old is wearing 2T bathing suits, my 8 year old is wearing size Large, and my 5 year old wears both 4T sweatpants and boys size Small t-shirts.  I can barely keep them straight and my husband has no idea!  I do not take credit for this amazing system.  I read it in a magazine years ago – where I have no idea.  But I am happy to spread the simplest most important laundry system for your family.   I introduce you to the Dot System!

1.  Get a black sharpie.

2.  Wash your kids clothes and as you begin to sort and fold take out your sharpie.

3.  Put a dot on the label of each item of clothing.

4.  1 dot for the oldest child, 2 dots for the second oldest, 3 dots for the third oldest and so on.

5.  When a piece of clothing is being past from one child to the next – simply add a dot!

Think about it….  you just add a dot!  When you are putting laundry away or someone is fighting over a favorite t-shirt – just look at the dots.  You can even give the job of folding and putting away to someone else.  Your husband, housekeeper, helpful grandparent.  If you are adding the dots only on the clean laundry – it might take a while to get to all the clothes.  If you are really ready for the dot system to be fully employed – you can go through all the closets and dot away.  Make sure you dot any new clothes coming into the house.