The Most Addictive Podcasts


Favorite Podcasts

I am in my car a lot – whether it is driving to and from NY to visit my family or even just driving my kids around town.  I need a distraction that music cannot fill.  Often, my boys are listening to a book on CD or watching a DVD so I am so thankful for my headphones and my iPhone.  Here are my current favorite podcasts that keep me occupied…

#1 This American Life – my all time favorite podcast.  I love it for its mix of stories – some happy, silly or sad.  But they are all well crafted and told.  I heart Ira Glass!

#2 Ask Me Another – when I am getting tired after a long drive I go straight for the quiz show Ask Me Another.  My husband gives me strange looks as I start yelling out answers.  Yesterday, on a long drive back from NYC he heard me yell “Gumby!” and just shook his head.
#3 Doctor Who Podshock – last year I started watching Doctor Who (“new who” starting with the 2005 reboot) and became a huge fan.  I have watched all the current episodes and now I am working my way through the original series starting in 1964.  I got so into it I had to find a place that analyzed each episode and this is the perfect place!
#4 Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me – This is an old favorite for me.  It is a fun news quiz show that I also love yelling the answers to.
#5 The Splendid Table – I love listening to the hosts smooth voice and how she explains recipes.  Makes me hungry!
#6 The Cultdom Collective – When Doctor Who Podshock went on a year hiatus due to Hurricane Sandy I had to find a fix and was happy to find this podcast.  Now anytime I have a new show obsession I can find a review from them.  I just listened to their take on the BBC Sherlock series (awesome!)
#6 Serial  – This is a brand new podcast from the creators of This American Life.  Once I heard that TAL was making their first spin-off I was of course going to start listening.  This podcast takes one story and tells it in pieces over the course of the season (12 weeks I think).  For their first season, they are investigating a murder from all sides.  I was hooked from the first episode.  They are only 8 episodes in.  I am slightly worried that the finale will be unsatisfying – but I am going along for the ride.

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