Packing Tips – individual packing cubes


We are not the biggest travelers.  I have a friend who is off somewhere with her kids at least once a month.  During the summer they are gone most of the time.  My parents live in NY, so we go down there 4-6 times a year.  We also go on a few vacations.  I love vacations but I HATE packing.  I am always trying to re-think my planning, method, materials to make this horrible experience slightly easier.

I swear buy these packing cubes from Ikea.  I bought one set for each of my three boys.  Although, now that #1 is in size Large clothes, I bought a forth set since his clothes are so much bigger now!  I used a silver sharpie marker.  On the front of each bag I wrote the boys name.  Even though, I can identify every piece of clothing and who it belongs to – no one else can. On vacation, my parents, mother-in-law or husband can be in charge of getting the boys dressed and I don’t have to be involved!  I use the long bag with the zipper in the middle for socks and under ware, one bag for shirts, and one for pants.  If we are going to a fancy event I will take all three boys clothes for this event and put it in one bag so it doesn’t get confused with everyday clothes.

The cubes have definitely made traveling easier.  The packing is easy if the boys clothes in their closet are put away and organized.  Not fun!

Good luck to everyone who is traveling over this holiday season!