30 Days to a Change


In November I stumbled onto the Blogher 30-day challenge.  I had been trying to motivate to publish regularly on this blog and the challenge really got me moving.  I did 30 days of posts – but I stopped doing everything else.  I stopped updating my family blog, stalled on my youngest son’s baby book….  After November – I haven’t posted again.  I also haven’t been able to get moving with my other projects that fell by the wayside.  I don’t think my answer is posting every day.  I am going to try twice a week and go from there.

I have a long list of things I want to do on a daily-basis that I want to be part of my routine.  My brother told me that he read if you do something everyday for 30-days it becomes a habit and then easier to keep doing moving forward.  With the new year, and my kids finally back to school from school vacation – here is my list of things I am going to try to do every day for 30-days – hoping they will become a habit and then I can keep them up without as much trouble.

  1. Daily Excersie – on busy days this can be 5-10 minutes of yoga in my house
  2. Daily face lotions – last summer I went to an expensive dermatology practice and spent a ton on a face regime.
  3. Floss
  4. Update family blog
  5. Drink water
  6. 52-week declutter project – I am following this blog which has daily decluttering and organizational projects for the whole year.
  7. Food logging – I use myfitnesspal.com on my phone.  I know this is the only way to achieve my fitness goals.

50 Best Binge Watching Television Shows

Binge Watching shows

I love binge watching television!  I can’t even remember what it was like to watch a television show I loved only one hour at a time when it was on live tv.  I would plan my whole night around watching “my shows.”  I would finish my homework and would refuse to answer the phone.  That all changed with netflix and amazon streaming and my iPad!  I will happily do the dishes if I have a favorite tv show I am getting through with my iPad propped up next to the sink.  Here is my list of my favorite binge watching tv shows.  I warn you I love chick shows, sic fi, legal dramas and everything in between.  In no particular order…

  1. Scandal – drama about a political fixer
  2. Doctor Who – british sci-fi drama which started in 1964 but was re-booted in 2005
  3. Orange Is The New Black – netflix original drama about a true-life story of a women serving a 10 year old drug sentence
  4. The Good Wife – legal and political drama about the wife of a cheating politician.
  5. Veronica Mars – best teen drama about a high school private eye girl
  6. Psych – dramedy about fake a crime fighting fake psychic!
  7. Vampire Diaries – title says it all – hot vampires!
  8. Alias – spy drama
  9. Lost – trippy sci-fi
  10. 24 – heart pumping, “real time” government spy
  11. House of Cards – political drama.  Kevin Spacey is evil but amazing!
  12. Downton Abbey – British import about early twentieth century royals
  13. Awkward – teen comedy (who doesn’t love the teen genre!)
  14. Better Off Ted – office place comedy
  15. True Blood – vampires!
  16. Girls – 20 something girls in NYC dealing with friends and relationships
  17. The Office – office place comedy
  18. Parks & Recreation – office place comedy (I seem to like these!)
  19. Sherlock – modern day interpretation of classic Sherlock Holmes
  20. Breaking Bad – high school chemistry teacher turns to selling meth when diagnosed with cancer
  21. Covert Affairs – spy drama
  22. The West Wing – political drama
  23. Scrubs – workplace comedy set in a teaching hospital with new medical interns
  24. 30 Rock – workplace comedy set on a SNL like set
  25. Freaks and Geeks – high school comedy – tons of famous actors before they got famous
  26. Undeclared – freshman year of college comedy
  27. Burn Notice – spy drama (I like these too!)
  28. Fringe – sci-fi, government action
  29. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – vampires!
  30. Charmed – witches!
  31. Angel – vampires!
  32. Firefly – sci-fi, futuristic cowboy astronauts
  33. How I Met Your Mother – 20 something-year old friends living in NYC comedy
  34. Friends –  20 something-year old friends living in NYC comedy
  35. Weeds – mother turns to sell pot when husband dies
  36. Arrested Development – family comedy
  37. Glee – high school musical dramedy
  38. Parenthood – family drama
  39. Raising Hope – family comedy
  40. My Name Is Earl – comedy
  41. Ugly Betty – workplace comedy
  42. Greek – college fraternity and sorority fun
  43. Heros – sci-fi government conspiracy
  44. Dollhouse – spy comedy
  45. Sex and the City – single women living in NYC
  46. Bones – murder mystery drama
  47. Entourage – 20 something year old posse support ing movie-star friend
  48. Being Human – a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf are roommates
  49. Suits – legal drama
  50. Gossip Girl – high school sassy drama