Ultimate Pool Bag with Packing List

Ultimate Pool Bag


I have three kids and a husband who all loves to swim.  They like to stay at the pool as long as possible and go as much as possible.  With all of these people and equipment I needed a big and durable bag.  After our first day at the pool last summer I hit the internet and searched and searched.  I finally found the Ultimate Pool Bag!  The Original Deano bag from Scout.  It comes in a ton of different patterns and is made out of  polypropylene which is durable and easy to wipe clean.  The only downside is that the bag has no pockets in it.  To get around this I have a variety of bags I keep in my big bag for different purposes.


I have the 3-way cosmetic bag also from Scout.  In this bag I keep suntan lotion, purell, a small first aid kid, tissues, and a small altoids tin filled with extra Band-Aids.  I also keep my new favorite activity when we need a little break from the pool.  Waterproof playing cards and waterproof Uno cards.


I have a waterproof bag that is marketed for wet bathing suits.  In this I keep all the diving toys and goggles.  Even if they come home wet they won’t bother the other items in the bag.


I also bring a mesh bag that I got for $5 from the Five and Below store.  I put the clean dry towels in the bag on the way to the pool.  On the way back, all the wet towels and bathing suits go in the mesh bag.


The Ultimate Pool Packing List

  1. Suntan Lotion
  2. Purell
  3. First-Aid Kit
  4. Extra Baind-Aids
  5. Goggles
  6. Diving Toys
  7. Towels
  8. Sunglasses
  9. Hats
  10. Water bottles
  11. Snacks (lots of snacks! swimming makes everyone hungry)
  12. Poolside games