Top 10 tips to survive spring sports season

I know we are only a few weeks left of the spring sports season (summer here we come!!!). I am working on sleepaway camp tips – but wanted to get these ideas down before I forgot.

  1. As soon as you get team roster – email the list to see if anyone is interested in carpooling. If you work or have multiple kids playing sports you will either need a carpool or a clone to survive.
  2. Consider a prepaid cheap phone. I felt uncomfortable leaving my 11 year old cross town while I was with my 6 year old at a different practice. If there was some emergency I wanted him to call or text. I got a $19 phone off of Amazon and paid $30 for 360 minutes. A good investment for piece of mind.
  3. Look at used sports equipment. If your child is trying a sport for the first time you might not want to shell out money for top of the line new equipment. In Boston there is a high quality used sporting equipment store that sells new and used. Play it again sports.
  4. If you have to buy a uniform – make sure you follow all ordering deadlines. You don’t want your child to miss out playing because hey don’t have the uniform.
  5. Get a dedicated bag for that sport. It doesn’t have to be a sport specific bag – any bag will do. I found that if one bag is for that child and that sport we are much less likely to misplace a glove, stick or pad. I nag them until they put all the equipment back in the bag (even when they are practicing at home) and then have a hook in the garage for that bag. When we are running late for a game or practice – we can grab and go.
  6.  Always bring a water bottle for the kid and for yourself!
  7.  Remember sunscreen for everyone even early in the spring when it still feels cool.
  8.  Bring a chair for yourself. These games can go on forever – comfort is key! I leave a few in the car for any other family members that might join for the game – grandparents or siblings.
  9.  Is is always colder then you think it will be. I keep a blanket in the car for emergencies. I also always bring a jacket even if the sun is shining.
  10.  Thank the coach every chance you get. For younger kids – the coaches are parents. Without them none of this could happen. At the end of every game I encourage my kid to thank the coaches and I do the same.
I am not even getting into not putting too much pressure or stress on your kid. To me this is obvious. I stress having fun, making friends, learning new things and trying your best!!!!

The Big Baby List

Big Baby

Not a rule but more of a tradition – pregnant Jewish couples usually do not have baby showers. There is a superstition about buying and receiving baby gifts before the birth of a baby. To follow this tradition is hard as you are sitting there with a growing belly and desperately wanting to get organized for your new family member. As I was pregnant with my first son, I chanlled this energy into what I called “The Big Baby List.” I needed to get organized the only way I knew how – making a list! I divided it into different sections. (1) Need Before; (2) Need After; (3) Need Later; (4) Hospital Bag.

You can download this list here and edit it to make it your own.  Big Baby List

Need Before – these were the handful of things that I wanted to buy before.  I felt that I couldn’t go into the hospital to give birth without having these things already bought.

  1. Pack-n-play or other bassinet
  2. Infant Car Seat
  3. Nursing Bras
  4. Diapers
  5. Baby Wipes
  6. Bibs
  7. Glider / Rocking Chair
  8. Wash Cloths
  9. Blankets
  10. Burp pads – cloth diapers
  11. Baby laundry detergent

Need After – these were things I wanted to my parents and close friends to go and buy shortly after we came home from the hospital.  We didn’t need these things right away – but I thought we would use them sooner rather than later.

  1. Diaper Pail + refills
  2. Baby Monitor
  3. Stroller that fits infant carseat
  4. Umbrella stroller
  5. Baby Carrier
  6. Baby Bjiorn or sling or Ergo
  7. Night Light
  8. Breast feeding pillow
  9. Breast Pump
  10. Nursing Tops
  11. Bottles
  12. Breast Pads
  13. Pacifier
  14. Clothes
    1. Onsies (4-7)
    2. One piece nightgowns w/ drawstring bottom (4-7)
    3. Cotton shirts w/ snaps @ neck (4-7)
    4. Sweater or jacket (1)
    5. Socks/booties (4-7)
    6. Hat
  15. Grooming kit
    1. Soft hair brush
    2. Comb
    3. Infant Nail Clippers
    4. Baby Shampoo
  16. First Aid Kit
    1. Rectal Thermometer
    2. Diaper Ointment
    3. Baby Tylenol
    4. Bulb Nose Aspirator
    5. Petroleum Jelly
    6. Rubbing Alcohol
  17. Diaper Bag
  18. Travel baby wipes
  19. Changing Pad
  20. Hooded terry cloth towel
  21. Laundry bag

Need Later – these were things on my wish list, but I knew we could wait until the bris or later to receive them.

  1. Crib
  2. Mattress
  3. Sheets – 2-3
  4. Bumper pad for crib
  5. Dresser
  6. Changing Table Pad
  7. Baby Bathtub
  8. Baby swing/bouncer

Hospital Bag – I obviously had my hospital bag packed for a while – but it still felt good to have a checklist.  These were musts for me to have in the hospital.

  1. Going home outfit – me
  2. Toiletries
  3. Flip-flops
  4. Socks
  5. Underwear
  6. Lip Balm
  7. Snack food
  8. Magazines
  9. Sanitary Pads (the ones they give you are enormous!)
  10. Nursing Bra
  11. Book on nursing
  12. Camera
  13. Camcorder
  14. Telephone List (list of people or places you will need to call from hospital)
    1. Family
    2. Friends
    3. Moyel?
    4. Pediatrician
    5. Furniture Store
    6. Magic Beans
  15. Baby’s going home outfit
    1. T-shirt that snap closed on the side
    2. Diaper
    3. Something for the feet
    4. Outer outfit
    5. Hat
    6. Receiving blanket

Favorite Smoothie Equipment


As I try to recover from my lack of will-power over my kids halloween candy – I am refocusing on starting my days out right.  That can only mean one thing…. SMOOTHIES!!!  I have been making smoothies for myself and my family for the last 15 years.  I have come along way with adjusting the taste, consistency and ingredients.  I started out using orange juice and sorbet!  Not exactly the picture of a healthy treat.  Over the last 6 months, I have been focusing more on almond milk, frozen fruit, greens and sometimes protein power.  Before I share my thoughts on exact recipes I wanted to share my favorite equipment.


I have been very happy with this powerhouse of a blender, the Ninja Master Prep, which has been serving me well for the last two years.  At under $50 it is a great deal.  There are so many blenders out there and a variety of different prices.  I like this blender because the blades come out of the base, which makes cleaning really easy.  It comes with two bowls.  I use the big one for smoothies and the small one for blending nuts and making pesto.


I usually drink my smoothies on the go.  Most often I am driving my kids to school – so it is the perfect grab and go breakfast.  My favorite container for my smoothies is a regular mason jar.  The colorful smoothies look super pretty through the mason jar glass.  The jar is sturdy, easy to clean in the dishwasher and I always have a ton of them!

I also love my stainless steel straws.  I have a thick straight one (seen in the first picture) and a thinner bent one (seen in the bottom picture).  The thick one is better for chuck smoothies and the thinner one is better to fit through the stainless steel lid.  I have experimented with different straws and containers – and this is what works for me.

Come back tomorrow for my basic smoothie recipe

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