Special Time

Having more than one child makes everything busier.  As the kids get older there is homework, sports, music lessons, play-dates, birthday parties, field trips, parent teacher conferences…  times 3 for me!  I have been trying to find time to have special time with each child.  I am working on finding something that each one of my kids and I can do together that we both find enjoyable.  #2 and #3 are still on the younger side – so our special time is more like going for ice cream, reading a book, going for a walk.  #1 and I have found that we love to paint pottery together.  Today the stars aligned and we had a couple of hours for just the two of us.  We spent a really wonderful hour at the pottery place.  We thoughtfully picked out our pieces to paint, we concentrated on the primer, we consulted on our color choices, and gave constructive feedback on the finishing touches.  I loved spending an hour where I wasn’t nagging him to do his homework or to take a shower.  I loved that he wasn’t begging for a snack or for some iPad time.  I hope these are the times that our relationship deepens and grows.  I hope he remembers these times when he is a moody teenager.IMG_1228

NaBloPoMo November 2014

50 Best Binge Watching Television Shows

Binge Watching shows

I love binge watching television!  I can’t even remember what it was like to watch a television show I loved only one hour at a time when it was on live tv.  I would plan my whole night around watching “my shows.”  I would finish my homework and would refuse to answer the phone.  That all changed with netflix and amazon streaming and my iPad!  I will happily do the dishes if I have a favorite tv show I am getting through with my iPad propped up next to the sink.  Here is my list of my favorite binge watching tv shows.  I warn you I love chick shows, sic fi, legal dramas and everything in between.  In no particular order…

  1. Scandal – drama about a political fixer
  2. Doctor Who – british sci-fi drama which started in 1964 but was re-booted in 2005
  3. Orange Is The New Black – netflix original drama about a true-life story of a women serving a 10 year old drug sentence
  4. The Good Wife – legal and political drama about the wife of a cheating politician.
  5. Veronica Mars – best teen drama about a high school private eye girl
  6. Psych – dramedy about fake a crime fighting fake psychic!
  7. Vampire Diaries – title says it all – hot vampires!
  8. Alias – spy drama
  9. Lost – trippy sci-fi
  10. 24 – heart pumping, “real time” government spy
  11. House of Cards – political drama.  Kevin Spacey is evil but amazing!
  12. Downton Abbey – British import about early twentieth century royals
  13. Awkward – teen comedy (who doesn’t love the teen genre!)
  14. Better Off Ted – office place comedy
  15. True Blood – vampires!
  16. Girls – 20 something girls in NYC dealing with friends and relationships
  17. The Office – office place comedy
  18. Parks & Recreation – office place comedy (I seem to like these!)
  19. Sherlock – modern day interpretation of classic Sherlock Holmes
  20. Breaking Bad – high school chemistry teacher turns to selling meth when diagnosed with cancer
  21. Covert Affairs – spy drama
  22. The West Wing – political drama
  23. Scrubs – workplace comedy set in a teaching hospital with new medical interns
  24. 30 Rock – workplace comedy set on a SNL like set
  25. Freaks and Geeks – high school comedy – tons of famous actors before they got famous
  26. Undeclared – freshman year of college comedy
  27. Burn Notice – spy drama (I like these too!)
  28. Fringe – sci-fi, government action
  29. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – vampires!
  30. Charmed – witches!
  31. Angel – vampires!
  32. Firefly – sci-fi, futuristic cowboy astronauts
  33. How I Met Your Mother – 20 something-year old friends living in NYC comedy
  34. Friends –  20 something-year old friends living in NYC comedy
  35. Weeds – mother turns to sell pot when husband dies
  36. Arrested Development – family comedy
  37. Glee – high school musical dramedy
  38. Parenthood – family drama
  39. Raising Hope – family comedy
  40. My Name Is Earl – comedy
  41. Ugly Betty – workplace comedy
  42. Greek – college fraternity and sorority fun
  43. Heros – sci-fi government conspiracy
  44. Dollhouse – spy comedy
  45. Sex and the City – single women living in NYC
  46. Bones – murder mystery drama
  47. Entourage – 20 something year old posse support ing movie-star friend
  48. Being Human – a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf are roommates
  49. Suits – legal drama
  50. Gossip Girl – high school sassy drama