Random things I love to tell people about… Hot Water Bottle

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When I discover something that I think is so cool, smart and that I use all the time – I love to tell people about it as much as possible!

Number one on the list of random things I love to tell people about is….  my HOT WATER BOTTLE!

A few years ago I had an infection in my finger and was at brunch at a friend’s house.  She pulled out a water bottle just like this one and filled it with ice and water for me to cool my finger.  She told me how she uses it all the time for hot or cold.  I immediately bought one.

I use it much more for hot then cold.  I have ulcerative colitis – when I am in a flair I fill it half with boiling water and half warm water and put it on my stomach.  It immediately calms my symptoms and puts my right to sleep.  When my boys have upset tummies – I do the same for them.

We have been living through an arctic freeze in the Northeast.  I have been filling it with hot water and putting it in my bed to warm it up before I go to sleep.

I love how it molds to whatever body part you put it on – a sore shoulder, or ankle?  Fill it with ice and water.  Seriously, one of my favorite things!

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