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Do you really do give presents for 8 nights of chanukkah?  For us – in November is 2 of my 3 sons birthdays.  By the time Channukah comes around – I do not want any more presents in the house.  But it is not their fault that they were born in November.  How do we do Channukah with trying to find some balance.

Night 1 – Big Present – why not start out with a bang.  We usually have thought of something big for all of us to enjoy.  Last year was Hamilton Tickets.  This year, a new video gaming system.

Night 2 – Family Night – we give them gifts from Grandparents or cousins.  We do not need to give our own gifts on top of these.  Spread the love!

Night 3 – Charity Night.  We have been doing this for years with mostly good success.  This is a night where we give each other NO presents.  For real – NO presents!  We light the candles, sing the songs, and then sit around and discuss issues that matter to us and why.  We then let each child pick a charity to send their allocated money.  Right now, we are providing them the money to donate.  I hope in the future they will be moved to send some of their own.  The age of your children will dictate how successful this will be.  One year, my little one said he wanted to give money to The Children’s Museum (we give them enough money on our tickets).  One year, my little one couldn’t wrap his head around not getting a present.  There were some tears, but his older brothers set the tone and he was able to calm down and make peace with one night of no presents.

Night 4 – Random little things they have been asking for.  I usually start buying things they ask for and store it away and pull it all together for one night of chanukkah.  This year, #1 wants an exacto knife with a rubber board for doing paper cutting.  #2 wants an amp for his electric guitar (yes he is 7!).

Night 5 – Family Night – other side of the family – cousins, Nana?

Night 6 – Pajamas – who doesn’t love a new pair of comfy pjs.  This year target to the rescue.  Harry potter, darth vadar and spiderman pj’s for my boys!

Night 7 – Board Games – We are a big board game family.  My husband would be thrilled to sit around all day and play board games with the boys.  This year we gave them Otrio which has been a huge hit!

Night 8 – Books – I am so proud to say that I have a house full of readers!  A new set of books some that we would like them to read – others like graphic novels that I know they will read over and over again.


Boom!  We are then done with the 8 nights!  Hopefully we haven’t filled the house with a ton of junk.  I also like to take this time to force the boys to donate toys and games they don’t use anymore.


Happy Holidays!

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