Party Favor Ideas that aren’t a bag of plastic crap!

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Now that we are in December I have just finished celebrating 2 of my 3 sons birthdays.  It made me think of party favors.  In general – I would love to just not have party favors at all!  It is a super strange thing.  You invite your child’s friends to come and celebrate.  You spend a bunch of money providing entertainment, renting a space, and buying food.  You then need to spend more money on a parting gift?  Very strange!  I tried to do away with the party favors – but the kids have been conditioned to expect it.  So this has been my baby step plan – I don’t give bags full of plastic crap or candy as a party favor.

No parent is psyched to have their sugar filled sweaty or sleep deprived kid return from a birthday party with a plastic bag filled with more plastic junk or even worst candy.  I was going to write no judgement if this is what you do – but actually I do judge.  Nobody wants this in their house!!!

So what do I do – I don’t want to send more junk or candy but I am not brave enough to cut the cord and get rid of party favors totally.  I try to find something that I think the kids will actually use for a while.  I pick one thing that might go with the theme of the party or with something my the birthday boy is really into at the time.

Here are some past ideas….

  1.  Mad libs – my #1 son was really into mad libs for a while as he was learning to read and write.  I found a school themed one in a big print style that I thought the kids would get at least some use out of.
  2. Emoji Uno – my #3 son loves all things emoji’s but also loves card games.  Best of both worlds!  We are a big game family so we wanted to share the love.
  3. A book – my #2 son is really into reading right now and for his birthday party we showed the movie Holes which he just finished reading with my husband.  We gave each kid the book.  
  4. Rubiks cube – my #2 son last year was obsessed with his rubics cube.  Lucikly I found this awesome website that helps you solve it.  
  5. Dress-Up Item – all of my boys love dress up!  My #2 son had a superhero birthday party where we put all of his friends through super hero training and they each received their own cape before watching The Incredibles movie.  
  6. Nothing at all – one day I will do this….  one day…

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