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If you have ever been a fan of the Gilmore Girls – you are well aware of the 4-part mini-series revival of the Gilmore Girls coming November 25th to Netflix.  I am so excited!  It will be interesting how they catch up with all the old characters, where we will find Rory and Lorelei and where they will leave them all at the end of the 4th mini-movie.  The original series ran from 2000-2007 so unless you are like my sister-in-law who just finished binge watching the whole series last year, my main suggestion is re-watch some of the “important episodes” to prepare.  I loved the series, but I realized most of it has not stuck around in my head.  I really want to enjoy the mini-series – so I don’t want to waste my time googling the characters and plot lines I forgot.  I was equally excited when the Veronica Mars Movie came out a few years ago.  Since there were only three seasons, I was able to watch them all.  I have consulted many lists to find the best quick binge map to prepare.

If you are short on time….

16 episodes to re-watch

If you have a little more time…

28 episodes to re-watch

If you have even more time….

50 episodes to re-watch


I wish I had the time to watch every episode – but I am busy binge watching other things!  So I combined all the lists into my mega list!

If you are crazy like me….

59  episodes to re-watch

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