How to Have a Happy Mother’s Day

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How to Have the Best Mother's Day


Mother’s Day can be a lot of pressure for your spouse and family.  If they don’t do everything you hoped for – it can also be a big letdown.  I don’t think about Mother’s Day as the one day my kids and husband appreciate and pamper me for all my hard work during the year.  I hope to be appreciated most days – as I try to appreciate my husband for what he does.  When I make dinner on a random weekday – I expect and encourage them to thank me for my work (because it is work!).  If I don’t feel unappreciated all year then I won’t have to put too much pressure on one day a year.

Today was a great Mother’s Day!  My kids ran into my arms with hugs and kisses and told me the loved me very much.  I got thoughtful handmade cards and an awesome photo mug.  We then did our regular Sunday stuff – soccer, lunch – t-ball but everyone did it with extra hugs and smiles for me.  I felt loved and happy.  Definitely a great Mother’s Day!

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