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I am an adult.  I no longer have a ready made group of friends from school, my parents or my extra-cirricula activities.  How to create a community for yourself and for your family?  My main piece of advice – JUST SHOW UP!  There are so many opportunities in your child’s school, community, religious organization – JUST SHOW UP!  Maybe it is not your favorite thing to do, maybe your best friend won’t be there, maybe your kids best friends might not be there – but you are creating an opportunity for your whole family to be involved in your community and to make personal connections – JUST SHOW UP!  When my son’s school has parent events or family events in the school – there are some families that I can always count on to be there.  If all the parents were polled I have a feeling that these families would be the most happy with the school.  They would feel the community – because they show up.  Be one of those families that others can count on.  Be one of those families who go to the soccer games, the bake sale, the school play.  Just by showing up – you can make your community better and thereby make your family a stronger part of that community.

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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