Birthday Traditions #4 – Bedroom Decorations

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As we finally are arriving at my #2’s birthday followed 1 week later by my #3’s birthday I am continuing with my series on birthday traditions.  So far I have posted about #1 Growth-Chart , #2 Year-End Photo Collages, #3 Photo Cakes and now we have #4 Room Decorations.

This only takes 10 minutes to do and very little money – but the impact is huge.  The night before one of my boys birthdays I blow up a bunch of balloons and throw them on the floor.  I then tape paper streamers from the bedroom door.

When the birthday boy wakes up, right away he has a smile on his face.  He remembers its his special day.  He jumps out of bed, kicks the balloons around, runs through the streamers, picks up the balloons, throws them in the air and it is the start to a great birthday!

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