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I read two interesting articles today from friends Facebook feeds that got me thinking about my reasons for starting this new blog.

The first article, Modern moms looking for perfection in all the wrong places, is about how modern mom’s are looking for inspiration in the wrong places. That many of us get fixated by pinterest, celebrities and other media and put unrealistic pressures on ourselves to make everything perfect.  I don’t agree with the whole article.  Myself and many of my friends still feel that it is ok to put our kids in front of the tv with take-out when we need to.  But the end take-away I can totally get behind.

Try your best; if cake-making is your forte, then sure — make the extravagant cake, take a photo and post it on Pinterest. But if it’s not, that’s OK, too.

Make sure your child’s life is fun and meaningful, instead of pretty and picturesque. Their memories will all have that perfect light you try so hard to achieve. No kid grows up feeling neglected because her mom couldn’t repurpose her school T-shirt into couture.

The second article, What Normal Looks Like, how clean or not clean our homes and cars are.  It is funny and true/not true. I do like the sentiment that we are all in the same boat together.  No judgment.  Create a community of support around you.  We all need our village.

So, there you have it. Either your house is really, really clean and you should stop apologizing, or at the very least you can stop your shame and host playdates for once. We’re all in the same boat. I won’t look in your dining room if you don’t look in mine.

So where does that leave me on this blog.  After reading this articles I really questioned myself.  Why was I writing this blog.  Am I trying to present a perfect child, party, dish – life?  I really don’t think that is what I am trying to do.  When I find a healthy recipe that my kids gobble up, or when I figure out a new/faster way to organize my families laundry I don’t think that I should try to make others jealous.  All I think is that I want to share my discovery with friends and family.  I never want to make anyone feel anything but interested, curious and intrigued.  So I will keep going…

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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