Birthday Traditions #3 – Photo Cake

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In my mid-30ies with three boys, I know being honest with myself is my way to happiness.  I know I do certain things well and other things I do not.  I have this friend who makes these amazing cakes for her daughters, nieces, nephew and even friends.  One year her daughter was having joint birthday party with her niece.  She made the most amazing 1/2 Frozen cake (for her daughter) and a 1/2 The King and I cake (for her niece).  I love eating cake – but not making it.  I still want to make my boys feel like I spent some time in getting their cake to the party.  I also want them to feel like it is one of kind.  I go to one of my favorite things – pictures.  Depending on what my boys are into that year, what themes they want their party or what they were for halloween dictates whether I just use a picture or whether I get into photoshop.

The first picture was from my middle son’s (#2) 6th birthday party which was today!  We had his party at one of those indoor bouncy house places.  But he wanted a spy theme.  It is hard to make giant inflatable slides to have anything to do with spies.  I decided to focus on the cake and the party favors (I am going to do a post later in the week about my party favor ideas).  I did a photoshop project using just his head and a bunch of free clipart to make the spy design.  I had it printed on 8X10 paper and our local supermarket were able to put it on the cake.  If you can tell, it was actually a cupcake cake!


Last year #1 was really into The Diary of The Wimpy Kid.  I used his head, turned it black and white and found the wimpy kid body and combined the two.  DSC02088

Last year #2 was all about superheros.  We had a superhero training birthday party at our house.  For his cake, all I did was email the ice cream store (yes – it is an ice cream cake!) the most recent halloween picture.

The boys face when they see their picture on their birthday cake is always priceless.

***If anyone is interested in having a custom photoshopped picture prepared for cake printing I am ready and willing.  Just get in touch!***
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