The Case for Playdates – pro and con

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Playdates are always a hot topic in my house.  My boys go through stages where they always


For shy kids it can be important to have friends over in their home to come out of their shell.  It is a good way to make new friends, kids and adults.  It can encourage already established friendships.  It is also a great way for parents to get to know their kids friends.  We can also see how our kids interact with their friends.  It is a nice way to treat/reward kids that does not involve food or presents.  It can cause creative play.  The above picture was taken by #1 at a playdate with two friends where they decided to make a stop-animation movie with legos.


It takes planning!  You can be stuck wiping some random kids tush.  You can deal with rude, disruptive or not pleasant kids.  Your kid can be so excited that he has a friend over that he acts out in an unbearable way (this happens at my house constantly!).  More kids = more mess.  It is important for kids to play with their siblings.  Introducing another kid into the house can cause massive fights between siblings.  Extra driving, extra cooking, extra cleaning!!!


I take the position of everything in moderation.  My boys get out of school early on Fridays in the winter so we can get ready for shabbat.  They have no after school activities on that day and all homework has to be handed in at school that day.  This is then a good day for playmates.  I can arrange to pick-up friends right from school to avoid extra driving.  These playmates are not making interrupting regular activities.  If the kids are behaving (fingers crossed) I can actually get some housework done.  I don’t go too crazy with playmates on the weekend – I like for the 5 of us to spend quality time together.  Everything in moderation!

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