Birthday Traditions #1 – Growth Chart

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unnamed copyI love family traditions.  I work really hard to create special moments that we can all look forward together to as a family.  I sometimes wonder whether my boys like or enjoy these traditions.  There are times when they refer to one of them with a smile on their face and I know it is worth it.

Two of my three boys birthdays are coming up at the end of the month.  I am beginning to share my favorite birthday traditions in preparation.

Birthday Tradition #1 – Growth Chart

We moved to our current house just before #3 was born.  That spring #1 turned 6 and my husband declared we need to pick a place to record the boys heights.  We picked the interior door of our broom closet.  This works because it is a door located on our main living area.  My boys love to periodically check-in to see how much they have grown and how they are stacking up against their brothers.  My husband also reasons that if we ever move taking a door with us would be easy compared to taking a wall.

On the day of each birthday, at some point during the day, we march over to the door – take the official measurement in pencil – and then go over it with a sharpie.  We draw a line, write the name and the age.

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