Low-Carb Breakfast #1 – Egg, Cheese & Tomato Open-Faced Sandwich

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Whether I want to admit it or not – the only way I can consistently feel good, loose weigh/maintain weight is to eat low-carb.  For me – I can eat certain carbs in the morning – but I have to make sure I eat protein with them.  Since I have made this change I find that a bowl of cereal doesn’t cut it anymore.  If I eat at 8:00am I am starving by 10:00am.  With a low-carb breakfast I am able to drink water throughout the morning and make it to lunch time.  If I make the “right” choice first thing in the morning, I am more likely to make good food and exercise choices throughout the day.


2 slices ezekiel bread

2 eggs

2 oz cheddar cheese

2 slices tomato


Easy-peasy recipe – toast bread, top with cheese and tomato.  fry eggs to liking.  top with eggs.

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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