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Having more than one child makes everything busier.  As the kids get older there is homework, sports, music lessons, play-dates, birthday parties, field trips, parent teacher conferences…  times 3 for me!  I have been trying to find time to have special time with each child.  I am working on finding something that each one of my kids and I can do together that we both find enjoyable.  #2 and #3 are still on the younger side – so our special time is more like going for ice cream, reading a book, going for a walk.  #1 and I have found that we love to paint pottery together.  Today the stars aligned and we had a couple of hours for just the two of us.  We spent a really wonderful hour at the pottery place.  We thoughtfully picked out our pieces to paint, we concentrated on the primer, we consulted on our color choices, and gave constructive feedback on the finishing touches.  I loved spending an hour where I wasn’t nagging him to do his homework or to take a shower.  I loved that he wasn’t begging for a snack or for some iPad time.  I hope these are the times that our relationship deepens and grows.  I hope he remembers these times when he is a moody teenager.IMG_1228

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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