Toilet Paper Countdown

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I love celebrating with my kids – birthdays, holidays, vacations, lost teeth, taking off training wheels.  I also love to build the excitement to whatever we are celebrating.  My favorite way to do this comes straight from sleep-away camp.  We would start 10 days from visiting day, when our parents would come visits for the day.  We hadn’t seen our parents for 4 weeks.  They were bringing with them comfort in the form of hugs, bagels and clean clothes.  We were all always so excited about visiting day – we would have to make the time with our toilet paper countdown.  This works great in our family.


Take 10 squares of toilet paper -still attached (when I told my husband to make one for the start of school we ended up with 10 separate squares on the floor of my son’s room)

Write one number in order from 1-10 on each square of toilet paper.  1 at the top and 10 at the bottom

Attach the #1 square to the wall

Each day rip off the highest number until you are just left with #1

Celebrate whatever you were counting down until

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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