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As I try to recover from my lack of will-power over my kids halloween candy – I am refocusing on starting my days out right.  That can only mean one thing…. SMOOTHIES!!!  I have been making smoothies for myself and my family for the last 15 years.  I have come along way with adjusting the taste, consistency and ingredients.  I started out using orange juice and sorbet!  Not exactly the picture of a healthy treat.  Over the last 6 months, I have been focusing more on almond milk, frozen fruit, greens and sometimes protein power.  Before I share my thoughts on exact recipes I wanted to share my favorite equipment.


I have been very happy with this powerhouse of a blender, the Ninja Master Prep, which has been serving me well for the last two years.  At under $50 it is a great deal.  There are so many blenders out there and a variety of different prices.  I like this blender because the blades come out of the base, which makes cleaning really easy.  It comes with two bowls.  I use the big one for smoothies and the small one for blending nuts and making pesto.


I usually drink my smoothies on the go.  Most often I am driving my kids to school – so it is the perfect grab and go breakfast.  My favorite container for my smoothies is a regular mason jar.  The colorful smoothies look super pretty through the mason jar glass.  The jar is sturdy, easy to clean in the dishwasher and I always have a ton of them!

I also love my stainless steel straws.  I have a thick straight one (seen in the first picture) and a thinner bent one (seen in the bottom picture).  The thick one is better for chuck smoothies and the thinner one is better to fit through the stainless steel lid.  I have experimented with different straws and containers – and this is what works for me.

Come back tomorrow for my basic smoothie recipe

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