Healthy Microwave Popcorn

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Healthy Microwave Popcorn


Never, ever, EVER use one of those pre-packaged microwave bags again.  Why you ask?  You might say they are cheap, convenient and tasty.  Check out this article that explains how the bags are lined with toxic chemicals and chemicals make up the buttery taste.  Don’t despair – I have an even cheaper, convenient, tastier and less harmful microwave popcorn solution!  You can also reuse the bag.



Healthy Microwave Popcorn

1/4 cup corn kernels

paper brown bag

Put 1/4 cup corn kernels in a plain brown paper lunch bag.  Fold down the top three times.  Place in microwave and press popcorn button.  Stop just like you would with regular microwave popcorn when the popping slows down to 1-2 pops per second.  You can eat it plain or drizzle melted butter, oil, top with salt or sugar.  Yum!

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